Advantages Of Hybrid Cars Essay

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With the increase of gas prices in the past couple years, cars with better fuel economy were in high demand. The hybrid car started to become popular because of its fuel economy. A hybrid cars fuel economy is in some cases twenty percent more than its gas counterparts. The hybrid car had several people changing their minds about gas cars. Numerous went out and bought a hybrid car because of the car’s fuel mileage in the hopes of saving money. The hybrid car proved itself to be worth the investment. A worthy investment in a car is based on a couple factors. The price that a car is purchased at is extremely important. The purchase price of a car can vary, depending on a magnitude of factors. Overpaying for a car is easy to do if a person does…show more content…
With owning a hybrid car there are several advantages. One major advantage to owning a hybrid according Hybrid Benefits, is the federal government offers tax deductions up to two thousand dollars for owning a hybrid. Hybrid benefits also say some companies are offering incentives to their employees who own hybrids. Another advantage is going to be the better fuel economy and the instantaneous power. Instantaneous power is when the gas pedal is pushed down and the car starts rolling. In a hybrid car there is no lag in throttle response when compared to a gas car. A gas car will experience lag because the power from the motor is transferred to the back wheels by a drive shaft. Certain hybrid cars only need one gear in the transmission, since the electric motor has a higher RPM max than a gas engine. With the various advantages a hybrid has it also has some disadvantages. The major disadvantage is a hybrid will cost more than a normal gas car according to someone. A hybrid is also more expensive to maintain than a gas car. Since a hybrid car uses batteries a hybrid car is harder for someone to fix at home in their garage. Most hybrid cars need to go to a shop get serviced. Also since a hybrid car uses batteries and the batteries over time will not hold a charge as long as they used to. A hybrid must be plugged in to recharge the
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