Hybrid Vehicles Essay

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I. Introduction to domain( Hybrid System )

 With increasing pollution level, world is shifting towards non-polluting solution for any problem. After oil crises of 1973, many countries are investing to develop new and lesser "fossil fuel" consuming methods in automotive industry. With the same motive, our group have decided to implement eco-friendly solution to any observed problems.

 Another point which was considered while selecting this domain was importance of "hybrid system" in near future, many automotive manufacturing company have already declared their dedication and research towards electric hybrid vehicle. This approach by big players in market is alert for developing interest and knowledge in "hybrid electric vehicles'. And to get a
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cost for the spindle will be 1000 Indian rupees.
 Approx. weight is 180 kilo grams.

 Idea of non-polluting vehicle can be taken to next level, by developing fully solar power food cart.
 Other problem like traffic can also be solved with moving cart.
 It’s expected that final yield of vendor will increase
 This will induce urge to manufacture more advance and eco-friendly cart in market.
 This cart design will develop good mentality in customers that places on roads can also be used to hang out and have food. Our point to maintain clean environment is to attract more customers and if that will be fulfilled more people will come forward to use this type of carts and can be profitable business
 In technical point of view driver will have good driving experience as compared to conventional cart, and with use of such minimum components this would be good optimization between product requirement and performance of cart, along with cost and weight

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