Hydrates Lab

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In the lab, “Properties of Hydrates,” the purpose was to compare the properties of several well observable hydrates and to determine if dehydration is a reversible or irreversible change. The lab consisted of attaining a pea-size sample of each compound, burning it over a bunsen burner, and comparing the starting mass and the mass lost after the combustion. These results are important to be able to identify a variety of different chemicals that contain water molecules as part of their crystalline structure. Some can be removed by heating (resulting in evaporation) and some remain mostly unchanged. In this lab the answer will be found. Procedure and Observations To begin the lab, first all the correct equipment and materials had to be collected…show more content…
Then an estimated (by trial and error) 1-3 grams of hydrated copper sulfate was added to a crucible with the lid on top. The total mass of the hydrated copper sulfate was recorded by subtracting the total mass of the crucible, lid, and sample from the mass of the crucible and lid (described in table 1.3). By attaching the wire triangle to the ring, the crucible was able to sit securely while having the bunsen burner underneath. Lighting the burner once again, each substance was heated for several minutes until estimated that the compound had changed color. Once a prevalent color change had been observed at approximately 4 minutes (blue green color) the crucible was set on the counter using the tongs to cool for approximately 5 minutes. The appearance after this period resulted in another color change back to white. The crucible, lid, and hydrated copper sulfate was weighed again to calculate the mass of water lost by dehydration (described in table 1.3). This was done by subtracting the final mass by the initial mass of the crucible, lid, and compound. The mass of the crucible would remain unchanged while the mass of the compound would be altered. This trial was repeated 3 times and 1 extra set of data was taken from 2 separate groups to include
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