Hydration Research Paper

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2.3 Hydration of cement
Chemical reactions that takes place while mixing cement with water is known as hydration of cement
When cement is mixed with water, a certain amount of heat is liberated which is known as heat of hydration. This reaction is exothermic reaction.
On account of hydration various products are formed. Different compounds hydrates at a different rate and liberate different quantity of heat
• Tricalcium silicate, C3S- early heat of hydration is mainly due to the formation of this compound.
• Dicalcium silicate, C2S-responsible for later strength in concrete
• Tricalcium aluminates, C3A
• Tetra calcium aluminoferrite, C4AF
• Gypsum, C-S-H
Chemical reactions during hydration On mixing water to cement,the following reaction
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• When tricalcium aluminates and ettringnite combines in the presence of water, monusulphate aluminate hydrate is formed

2C3A + 3 C6AS3H32 + 22H 3C4ASH18 (monosulphate)
• Two types of reactions are formed when tetra calcium alumino ferrite reacts with gypsum: In the first of the reactions, the ettringite reacts with the gypsum and water to form ettringite, lime and alumina hydroxides,
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Where S.D. = Standard Deviation which is obtained by tables 4 & 5 given below according to the conditions demanded Fck = target mean strength fck = Characteristic compressive strength at 28 days t = tolerance factor Table 4: Assumed Standard deviation for different grades of

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