Hydration Persuasive Speech

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Don’t you wish you can keep your summer glow all year long? While we click our heels and wish that mother nature will be kind to our skin, she typically doesn’t care (How rude!). As it gets cold and frigid outside the hydration can be sucked right out of your skin. Your face may take the most beating in the winter, but there are ways to keep your whole body hydrated during this time. Besides the air outside, there is something else drying out your skin. As you jack up the heat in your house, you are taking the moisture right out of your skin leaving it parched. Without hydration your skin's protective barrier cracks, making it tough to repair itself. Don’t allow this to become a cycle. Start early by swapping out your summer products for a more winter friendly beauty routine. The official first day of winter is December 21st. However, if you have already started to feel the woes of old man winter, it is never too late to start. Splender has put together some tips to help you transition this year. You can shop are many partner…show more content…
While it makes sense (the hot water dries out your skin), who are we to tell you to take out your soothing hot bubble baths? We know they are necessary. So instead, look up in your cabinet and grab the virgin coconut oil ($20 at Drugstore.com) after your shower or bath. Lather the coconut oil all over skin (your face too) right after you jump out of the tub. You may feel greasy for a second, but the oil will soon penetrate your skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. Using Coconut Oil is also a great natural way to combat skin conditions like eczema or sensitive skin. Don’t be stingy! There are many advantages to adding this oil to your skincare routine. Use it as a body scrub or try it on the ends of your hair for a conditioner. Get the raw extra virgin olive oil at Drugstore.com and get 8% cash back when you sign up to become a Splender member

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