Hydration Research Paper

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The Simple Source of Life The Human body is made up of about 80% water and everything that it does are essential to sustain all life that we know of on earth. Everything from the very basic functions to the many benefits associated with proper hydration are important. Water is crucial to life and overall health so it is important to maintain adequate hydration. It is amazing that something as simple as water can be so important but also the most important nutrient in the life of any living thing. Why Water is Important Water is needed for all basic body functions and is used by the entire body. Some of the most common important functions of water includes temperature maintenance, removal of wastes and toxins, and lubrication of joints.…show more content…
The first most important job it does is ensure that all cells in the body have the right amount of fluid so they do not shrivel and die. (Rinzler). The body also needs the proper amount of extracellular fluid which contain the other body fluids such as blood plasma, bodily secretions, and urine. Water is a solvent and is responsible for transporting nutrients and blood cells through the body. Even when the body is fully hydrated, red blood cells are about 94% water. (Batmanghelidj). Along with the basic functions of hydration, maintaining proper hydration has many useful benefits as well. Staying well hydrated can help with fitness or weightless goals such as losing weight or weight training. This is because water will help one stay full or get more full on less food. It can also improve metabolism. Dry skin is another issue that can be prevented from simply drinking water and staying hydrated. Proper hydration can even spare people from some health problems as well. It is surprising what water can save you…show more content…
Dehydration is the condition of not having enough water in the body to function at its best. Dehydration can range from mild to severe. Many people suffer from mild dehydration and never are aware of the fact. Mild dehydration may not be as bad as severe dehydration but it still has negative effects on the body. Many times the brain confuses thirst with hunger, so this slight issue usually causes people to overeat when in reality, all they needed was simply water. Body functions will also not be able work as well as they could and can put health more at risk to sickness or disease. Some people, especially athletes, may notice sore joints during or after workouts if not properly hydrated prior to exercise. Mild dehydration can also cause headaches, dizziness, and low energy levels. Severe dehydration can result in body functions shutting down, very low energy levels, and fainting. All of these issues can always be prevented with just drinking just a few glasses of water a
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