Hydraulic Fracking Research Paper

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Hydraulic Fracking is a process of using miniature earthquakes inside of bedrock, to extract natural gases through the cracks it creates in the ground. While effective for removing our abundance of natural gas we carry underground in the United States, we did not start using this method until the mid 2000s. However a problem emerged from this genius idea of blowing natural fuel from the ground, a major problem that causes thousands of people unexplained water damage. Fracking has created a great deal of job opportunities, and created local investments in the area, what they didn’t foresee was the damage it would cause to the ecosystem, and more specifically the water around the fracking towers (Green Gazelle). When fracking takes place around a neighboring city, the water used by the residence becomes corrupted, brown, flammable and horrid to smell, but somehow is still safe. In a…show more content…
While the quality of water is important for many individuals, wasting water in the matter they do can seem like a major crime. The Congressional Digest also says that fracking is a huge waste of water, and is one of the biggest wastes of water around. Millions of gallons of water are dumped into the soil to pop up these natural gases, and its no longer useful once it comes back. In fact the water that goes down into these holes, does come back up, however once it comes back up with the gas and oil, it is no longer the water we thought it was. The “flow back” or water that returns to the surface, does not always come back up,“…less than 30 percent to more than 70 percent of the original fracture fluid volume” is brought back up, and is rendered unusable (Congressional Digest). This unusable water usually just sits and sinks back into the ground, poisoning the land around it. This wasted water also sometimes finds other waterholes and merges with them, contaminating them for the people that use that water

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