Hydraulic Fracturing Argumentative Essay

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The potential economical and cleaner energy growth is what drives you to use unsafe, and poorly regulated growth, which is fracking. To get the resources beneath the earth is not the problem or blocking the resources that makes America less dependable form foreign oil. Using hydraulic method to bring natural gas is not a safe practices. Hydraulic Fracturing is the moderately new procedure of gas from the earth’s floor. It is costly and dangerous, however there 's a chance to increase mass measures of vitality that could offer America some assistance with becoming substantially more vitality free. Currently, a lot of fracking locations have been banned but there are site that are still in practice site that are not close regulated. The publics focus needs to be on cutting down energy use to and trying to implement better way to extract energy while not causing harm to the environment. Although, banning or reducing fracking will be a damaging factor to any economical benefits that come with fracking. Recent studies have shown that many of the environmental effects usually attributed to fracking may come from other sources.…show more content…
However, my argument stays that fracking is a great practice for economical growth as well as having abundance of clean energy in the U.S. if practiced correctly. Fracking offers the U.S. an incredible source of natural gas and domestic energy. Since the introduction of fracking, natural gas production has increased. Through this increase of natural gas, the U.S. has been able to gain greater energy independence and has also supported the U.S. economy with growing natural gas firms and Fracking drilling
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