Hydraulic Fracturing Disadvantages

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Hydraulic fracturing is a process that used to release the natural gas that is located underground. In this process, millions of water is pumped in addition to sand and chemicals under the ground to break the rock apart in order to facilitate natural gas release. A threat would occur as a result of using chemicals in fracturing and this could be either underground or during handling of the waste fluid which sometimes spilled on the nearby ground (ProPublica, 2015). In the Gasland documentary movie, the hydraulic fracturing danger is explored. This danger has environmental impacts such as contamination of ground water, reduction in a fresh water source, and risk to air quality, which in turn have a long-term effect on human health. In fact,…show more content…
The natural gas found underground, deep inside the earth and drilled in the same way as oil. It is considered cheap and clean gas and has less greenhouse emissions in comparison with its counterparts. It is completely burns and safe to store. The natural gas can be used in either forms, compressed natural gas or liquid petroleum gas. The natural gas use has pros and cons as anything in this life. The natural gas has many advantages. It is less harmful than oil or coal. It causes less damage to the environment compared to oil and coal. It has less carbon emission because it is made of methane gas. It has carbon dioxide emission 45% less than conventional fuel and less than oil by 30%. It is easy to preserve compared to other fuels. It can be stored in small storage cylinders or tanks in the sea or on land. Also, the natural gas can be easily transported through pipelines to be used in residential areas such as houses for cooking and heating purposes and running different appliances. Because it is clean and cheaper than gasoline and diesel, it can be used as fuel for cars and trucks. It has the property of completely burns without leaving smoke, smell or ash, so it burns…show more content…
It is not a dominant solution for the energy problem. Natural gas installation is expensive mainly the infrastructure installation part and distribution is expensive and this include installation separate plumbing systems and special tanks. It is inefficient when used in transportation as it provides less mileage than gasoline. Regardless of natural gas disadvantages, it provides an energy efficiency that considered the best among fossil fuels that are now available (Conserve Energy Future, 2015). The EPA in the movie appeared not protecting people on a number of issues. The EPA was terribly dismissed and contradicted during the Bush administration and did not make any significant progress in protecting Americans since the 1970s. They are bound legally to look at animal studies and not for more accurate studies such as epidemiological studies. An EPA climate changes determinations were edited by politicians during Bush administration and this is not an ethical
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