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Hydroelectricity is produced in a manner that is not harmful to the surroundings. It is safe, powerful and does not produce any waste.
Besides, it is very easy to produce and that makes it the best energy alternative when the electricity demand is high. Water in a reservoir can be released when required, hence the energy is produced with ease.
The possibility to control hydroelectric power makes it the solution to less controllable sources of energy. It can be used to power factories, homes, schools, offices and hospitals. Furthermore, it is one of the fastest ways employed by developing countries to take affordable electricity in the rural areas.
Another great advantage that makes hydroelectric power a good energy option is that it will never run out provided there is a reliable supply of water. The moment the dam is built, the cost of electricity
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In addition, the turbines can make use of generators in converting wind power into electricity.
Wind energy is mostly used in the farms. The electric power is transmitted to the users via transmission systems that include towers, substations and electric transmission lines.
The biggest challenge of using wind electricity is that it comes and goes and cannot be stored to be used in future. Wind energy requires integration with sources of energy as it is not reliable.
Solar energy
Solar energy is undeniably the most reliable and cleanest type of renewable energy you can find today. It can be used in different forms to aid in powering your business or home.
Use of solar energy to power electronics is quite popular nowadays. Solar-powered chargers can charge almost everything the likes of tablet, cell phone or e-reader. What’s more, you can even charge flashlights that are solar-powered by merely exposing them to sunlight.
Below is a list of solar devices:
- Tablets
- Cell

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