Advantage And Disadvantage Of Hydrogen Car Essay

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Nowadays, the most common type of vehicle that we have is a conventional vehicle that uses fossil fuel as its main power source. A conventional vehicle that works with fossil fuel produces harmful chemicals as by-products. Since it has big drawback to our environment and health, people started to find alternatives to fossil fuel. Hydrogen showed up as one possible substitution, which produces much energy and non-polluting by producing energy from combusting hydrogen.

Hydrogen cars use hydrogen gas to power an electric motor and this is called a fuel cell. There is an electrochemical reaction where hydrogen and oxygen is reacts and its chemical energy produced is converted to electricity. Since hydrogen doesn’t naturally occur, it should
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First, hydrogen is available and renewable resource. Since hydrogen is a renewable energy, it can be produced again. Also hydrogen is profuse resource, the most abundant element existing on Earth. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it running out, because what we need to do is just break down water molecules and get hydrogen. Compared to hydrogen fuel cell, fossil fuel and other non-renewable resources won’t be able to use it in the future because they’re limited that won’t last long. Second, hydrogen fuel cell is friendlier to the environment compared to fossil fuel. It is a non-toxic fuel source that leaves almost no harmful emissions, because burning hydrogen is absolutely harmless to the environment. Since it doesn’t produce green gases during its process, it protects the environment by preventing global warming and climate change unlike other non-renewable resources. Lastly, hydrogen fuel cell is powerful and efficient. It can produce more energy than diesel or gasoline, so vehicles loaded with this fuel can go farther than others. Also, while conventional combustion based power can produce 33 to 35% efficiency of electricity, hydrogen fuel cell can produce about 65%

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