Hydrogen Chloride Lab Report

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Hydrogen chloride has a very powerful smell. It is in the form of a gas but only when it is at room temperature which is approximately 25 Celsius and when the pressure is high. When you add water to hydrogen chloride then it breaks down into small pieces which are known as dissolving. The solubility of hydrogen chloride is very high this means that it can dissolve in water quickly because it dissolves many times in its own solution (the gas form of hydrogen chloride). It is very soluble because the smaller the chain of the molecules are then the energy will be required in small quantities however if the chain is long then it will need more energy so that means that the longer chain will have a slow reaction. It does not have a color and it does not cause fires to happen. It may burn the skin because it is a corrosive substance which is why you should wear gloves when you are handling it. If you swallow the hydrogen chloride then it can be dangerous because it is a toxic substance The bonding in hydrogen chloride is called covalent bonding because nonmetals and metals have the capability to react…show more content…
The slightly negative end of another hydrogen chloride particle will become attracted to the other end of the particle which has a slight positive charge. Therefore the two dipoles will become drawn together because the electrons are not shared between the two particles of hydrogen chloride. The melting point of hydrogen chloride is -85.05 Celsius however water has a boiling point of 100 degrees. Therefore this proves that hydrogen bonding in water is more powerful than hydrogen chloride because water is more polar than HCL . Water has a higher boiling water because more energy is needed to break the water molecules apart in hydrogen chloride. the melting point of water is 0.00
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