Hydrological Cycle Research Paper

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Definition of precipitation in the hydrological cycle leads to a decline in the water from the earth's atmosphere to the ocean surface and the surface of the earth in different forms. This occurs because the atmosphere containing various kinds of gas one water vapour becomes saturated, saturated water vapour to condense or deform becomes denser and further down or fall to the earth's surface. The air in the atmosphere can be saturated in the event of cooling or by adding water vapour content in the atmosphere. The precipitation of events resulting in increased freshwater in the world.
Extreme in climate change can have an impact on floods and droughts which will often occur in some areas with a different time. The impact on flooding leads to high water distribution resulting in poor water quality. In this case, the need for climate adaptation for preparing all the aspects that will happen because if the climate leads to excessive flooding, we are required to increase the additional storage capacity to hold all of the excess water that occurs. As with the drought, as a result of the extreme climate makes the quality of water that should be accessible easily become difficult to obtain. Temperature rising also makes demands on the supply of water for irrigation has also increased. Therefore, climate adaptation
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Under the influence of the climate, the water need of repair and management. Poverty reduction target will be difficult to achieve if there is no action in the matter. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth progress of the MDG program, takes the name of the new adaptation related to climate change which has the potential to build resilience to climate change and water security that can come up with sustainable

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