Hydroponic Plant Essay

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Dedications I’d like to dedicate my project to my family, my mom, dad and sister, who have been with me through everything every step of the way and for having full confidence in me in everything that I do. Introduction I decided to do hydroponics, as I’m really interested in plants and stunned at how incredible they are. In Grade 6 we had spent time learning about how plants function and how they are able to do what they do and that’s when I started thinking. I did a lot of research on the internet and came to a word “hydroponics”. I then did more research and was fascinated with the technique of growing plants this way. I realized if we could implement this in every household would it reduce carbon emissions or add more carbon emissions.…show more content…
Then put more gravel on top till about ¾ full, so there’s enough support to anchor the plant when it starts to grow. Observations, Diagrams and Pictures Hydroponic Plant Observations On Day 2 I planted pea seeds and put 7 liters of water into the hydroponics bucket. Water was either getting absorbed or evaporating so I added 3 more liters on Day 6 and 5 liters on Day 13 with more nutrient solution. On Day 14 I planted fenugreek seeds because pea seeds weren’t growing but found out when I removed gravel the pea seeds were sprouting. On Day 16 more pea seeds were sprouting and fenugreek seeds were sprouting. On Day 19 and 27 I added 4 liters to the hydroponics. The plants have grown really well and are very healthy. Observations for soil-based plants On Day 1, pea seeds were planted and pea seedlings too. Seedlings were growing really well and really fast in the front of the tray but in the back they didn’t show amazing results. Towards Day 10 the seedlings’ stems started turning brown at the bottom and so were the leaves at the bottom. Not sure if they were over-watered or there was too much sunlight so reduced amount of water and moved away from the sun. The seedlings suddenly started dying and I decided to plant fenugreek seeds. The fenugreek seeds grew really well and are

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