Hyeonseo Lee Quotes

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Imagine being an illegal immigrant, trapped in a cave, or being hunted by another man. Do you think you would be able to survive or would you thrive like these three lucky smart people? Lee wanted for crossing the border of North Korea, Ralston with his arm trapped between a rock and a wall stuck in a cave, and Rainsford being hunted by another man as in the “game”. Lee’s courage, Ralston’s intelligence, and Rainsford’s craftiness shows what it takes to be a survivor. To start, in Ted talk “My escape from North Korea” Hyeonseo Lee uses her courage to make on the spot decisions to keep her and her family alive which shows what it takes to be survivor. “As the Chinese officer approached my family, I impulsively stood up, and I told him that these are deaf and dumb people that I was chaperoning.” (7:28, Lee) She is very courage’s for defending her family and smart for making a good on spot decision. When Lee was able to make those on spot decisions it shows she has what it takes to be a survivor. She was very careful about what she did when she crossed the border. She was also very smart as she went into a different country she would learn the language they spoke there. When Lee saved her family from the police officer on the bus, she had a lot of courage to lie like that and…show more content…
When Zaroff starts to hunt Rainsford he hides and sets traps for Zaroff to fall in on the small island they are on. Zaroff finds one of Rainsford’s traps and knows Rainsford his nearby watching him. Rainsford’s crafty skills helped him survive from Zaroff. Rainsford’s traps didn’t work but they did frighten Zaroff because now he also has to look out for traps. At the end of the movie Rainsford falls off a waterfall and Zaroff thought he was dead; Rainsford later came back to Zaroff’s castle and murdered
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