Essay On Becoming A Dental Hygienist

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The motivation, passion, and the internal will to want to succeed in life has always dwelled within me, so ultimately, all I needed was to find what interest me in life. In the beginning, I found myself staring down the road of becoming a teacher or dental hygienist. At first the idea of becoming a teacher seemed like a prominent, and fulfilling job. I get to convey knowledge to groups of young individuals, I also get to work in a setting with other mature adults who share my passion, and I have the opportunity to work with children; but, ultimately, there was just one main component missing for me, and that was the hands-on aspect. I told myself that I wanted to be involved in a career that is very hands-on. That’s when I decided to make the…show more content…
Becoming a dental hygienist has not only been just a dream of mine, but also my fathers. From a young age, my father started inspiring me to pursue a career in the field of dentistry. After countless hours of watching videos, speaking to advisors about the career path, and shadowing underneath Dr. Soltanian’s dental hygienist by the name Ms. Lopez that I solidified the idea of becoming a dental hygienist. I fell in love with becoming a dental hygienist after the first day of shadowing her. The idea of being involved in the field of dentistry has reinforced the idea of promoting proper oral hygiene not just within myself, but with others too. It intrigues me to learn about the various diseases and conditions that can manifest without proper care taken off a person’s teeth. I think people underestimate the power and overall importance of brushing, and flossing of the teeth on a regular basis. The short time I’ve spent under Ms. Lopez has help emphasize the importance of knowing the anatomy and physiology aspect of the teeth. The knowledge I obtained from shadowing, and numerous hours of online research has help convey to me knowledge on how to better prevent oral
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