Hymn: A Fictional Narrative

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All eyes stared at Yoongi once Kihyun stormed out after his episode. Yoongi himself was slightly taken back, he (Kihyun) had never really retaliated so emotionally before. He didn 't know whether to laugh or feel bad, after all he did have emotions himself too. He was just never good at showing them. "Dude..." a voice finally spoke after a good sold 5 minutes of silence passed by. "I think you fucked up this time." Jimin finished. Yoongi didn 't respond to his friends words, well, more like he didn 't know what to say back. "Did he just come out?" Taehyungs voice asked. "Yah! Not an appropriate time to ask!" Namjoon told the brunette with green streaks. "Besides this, Yoongi, you should apologize." The taller friends looked at Yoongi. "I don 't know what you want me to say, he 's just drunk out of his…show more content…
The mint headed boy threw himself up off the chair and started to walk downstairs. His footsteps went slower when he saw the red headed boy drinking his life away, Yoongi rolled his eyes and slammed the door shut. He grabbed inside of his pocket and pulled out a lighter and a pack of cigarettes. The little flame from the lighter appeared and the end of the ciggarete was put to it. Smoke rose from the cancer stick, Yoongi put it between his lips and inhaled he smoke deep into his throat and lungs. The boys thought Yoongi had quit--since his smoking habit used to be strong-- but they all knew the Mint headed boy lied so they wouldn 't worry about him. Everyone knew Yoongi was a sweet and kind boy. He was raised happily until his parents bullshitted his future on majoring in Music Theory, he always bought cake if it were anyones birthday, he would always be the one to show up at anyone 's house if they needed someone, he would randomly buy his friends presents if he thought they would like them, when Jimin was insecure about losing his abs he made sure the boy ate food instead of dieting. The phrase "Actions speak louder than words." was Yoongi as a
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