Hypatia Of Alexandria Essay

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Hypatia of Alexandria was a respected and well known woman, she loved to write, teach, and learn. She learned and was tutored from her father, Theon of Alexandria. In the time that she lived in, a civil among the Christianity and Non-Christianity, so she lived a dangerous life at that time. Hypatia, born in the year 370 A.D (though the date is not certain) was the daughter of the great mathematician, Theon of Alexandria. Her mother is not greatly known in her childhood though. Throughout her childhood, her father raised her in an environment of thought, he taught her his own knowledge and tutored her as she grew. As she grew older, she began to develop a passion for mathematics and sciences (astronomy and astrology). At a young age, many…show more content…
Knowing her knowledge and skills, many people came to study and learn from her, her philosophy was Neoplatonist. She wrote and read many books, she also thought of many inventions, she is one of the oldest female inventors known. One student of hers that she influenced greatly is, Synesius, he adored Hypatia and sent letters to her, because of him we know many great information about this great woman who is greatly known for her teaching and skills. Sadly, the time period that she lived at was not all care and freedom, she lived at time where a riot broke out between the religions but mostly Christianity. Around 415 A.D (the date isn’t certain) the cruel story of how Hypatia of Alexandria died happened. On her way her, a mob of Christian monks attacked her, dragged her into a church and took off her clothing, beaten her to death where she was later burned and died. Through this death, many great inventions that could have been invented died with her, what came after this was a devastating period well known as the “Dark Ages”. Even though she died her teachings still live on. Hypatia was very inspirational in many ways, she was a great scientist, inventor, astronomer, and mathematician. Because of the modern technology these days, her legacy is often overshadowed but once you learn and discovery it, you won’t forget
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