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Hypatia of Alexandria was a mathematician from the country of Egypt whom is well known for her contributions in the bases of algebra and geometry. Moreover, Hypatia was also an outspoken teacher who studied, practiced, and taught astronomy and mathematics to young students in the University of Alexandria 300 years before Christ. Hypatia herself was born in the year 370 BC, but there is not much stated about her childhood and adolescence. On the other hand, Hypatia’s adulthood was where she made a mark in the history of mathematics. Hypatia came from a family line of mathematicians so it was no surprise that she also made a living in the field. During this time, mathematics was a means of solving questions and puzzles that the universe had left…show more content…
Hypatia’s death showed much of what the Roman Empire had portrayed during the rise of Christianity as Hypatia was a representation of what Christians believed to be a satanic witch that tried to persuade others to question faith and sway over to science. To the Romans, Hypatia was a heretic and a cancer that needed to be eradicated so on the day of her death, so Christian fanatics took her as an angry mob to a nearby Christian church where she was stripped of her clothes, tortured, and eventually killed. Although some stories of her death are exaggerated at most, it is true that she was killed in a very gruesome manner which showed the evils of the Roman Empire during her time. Hypatia’s works however made it apparent that the questions of mathematics could be solved and simplified to benefit humanity. For this reason, the legacy of Hypatia is and will forever be a great contribution to the advancements mathematics as shown throughout her works. To conclude, Hypatia’s great dedication to her studies was shown by her outstanding achievements in her lifetime; therefore, she was an asset to mathematics as a
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