Hypebeast Characteristics

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One of the earliest definitions of a hypebeast was published online in Urban Dictionary on November 2006 as “A person who follows a trend to be cool or in style. A person who wears what is hyped up.” Fast forward, it is now defined by Chen (2015) as sneakerheads decked in urban wear solely for the purposes of impressing others. A person who is a hypebeast can be defined by their style, attitude and motives. First, a hypebeast can be identified by their style. Erica (2015) states that “Hypebeasts are affluent youths (primarily men) that utilize a streetwear style inspired by urban life closely aligned with hype brands such as, but not limited to Huf, Undefeated, Supreme, Stüssy, Bape, and Billionaire Boys Club that correlate to pop culture fashion trends. Also, they are often known as sneakerheads–a term used to identify people who…show more content…
One of their motives is to impress people. According to Kosta (2017), “You [a hypebeast] only buy things to impress others.” With their trendy style and cool attitude, they impress people. They want people to think of them as idols or the cool kids. Knowing that they can impress people makes them feel proud and special. Another one is their motive to be famous or known. “They buy stuff for attention, not passion”, says Beltran (2012). Being a hypebeast means you got to have get attention from others, and this makes them known throughout the campus or society. This makes them the famous kids. And being famous or popular is a big plus to their achievements. And one last vital aspect is their motive to “belong” or “fit in”. Beeze (2013) stated that “They are people who only rock "hyped shit" with no sense of style of their own trying to fit in.” They want to belong to what is on the trend. They make their own identities, and that is to be known and cool. This makes them attention getters. They think that being a hypebeast makes them fit in to the modern world. This makes hypebeasts different from

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