Hyperbole Figure Of Speech In The Mahabharata

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Topic and Position This kind of text can be categorized under spiritual and mythological text. The eighth book of the Mahabharata praises Karna 's warrior abilities. He defeats four of five Pandava brothers - Yudhisthira, Bhima, Nakula and Sahdeva. However, Karna does not kill any of them in order to keep his commitment to Kunti - the biological mother of Pandavas and his - to not harm his four step brothers, but only kill Arjuna. A fierce battle between Arjuna and Ashvatthama (Son of Drona) is described under this section of epic. Mahabharata epic consist of 18 books. Karna Parva is 8th of these, which consists of 96 sections in it. This text is a part of 17th section of this 8th book. Style / form…show more content…
Immense use of this figure of speech can be seen in whole text. We don 't know if these are true or not. In ancient era, kings used to offer their poets huge money, if the poet is able to please them. So poets started writing the poems in the favour of Kings, extrapolating their powers and tried to please them more and more by appreciating their work and power. Soon they started considering their king as almighty god, and hence this fact can be clearly seen in text and in whole mahabharata. This is my opinion in this context, as we are not having any proof of their existence…show more content…
Literary style of Mahabharata is a mix of different ancient systems and method. As regards the language, style and meter, the various parts of the Mahabharata do not show much uniformity. It is in only quite a general sense that one can speak of "epic Sanskrit" as the language of the popular epics. In reality the language of the epic is in some parts more archaic. Even in the matter of style of composition of the Mahabharata, it can only be said in a general sense to be far removed from the so-called 'Kavya style ' that is, the style of the later ornate poetry, which is characterised by the excessive use of embellishments and figure of

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