Cholesterol Case Studies

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INTRODUCTION Lipid or cholesterol has a strong genetic components. Consider an active 30 year old, female patient with hyperlipidemia who is physically active. The father of the patient that has hyperlipidemia that is controlled by healthy lifestyle such as diet and exercise regulary. The grandfather of the patient in paternal side had a history of myocardial infarction (MI) at the age of 40, with death from MI at age 58. Based on her family background, this patient requires much more efficient management, through more stict dietary recommendations, increase frequency of consultations, and consideration of referral for pharmacological management.[ Daniels Sr, Greer Fr and the committee on nutrition. Lipid screening and cardiovaskular health…show more content…
Cholesterol is a waxy, soft and fat-like substance in the body. High cholesterol increase the risk for cardiovaskular disease and also stroke. When there is high level of cholesterol circulating in the blood, create a plaque which is sticky deposit along the artery walls. The plaque eventually can narrow the path or block the flow of blood to the brain, heart and to the other organs. The plaque caught the blood cells and form clots, which can burst and completely block the flow of the blood through an artery wich called thrombosis, causing heart attack or…show more content…
Globally, a third of heart disease can be attributable to high cholesterol. Overall, high cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia is estimated to cause about 2.6 million deaths (4.5% of total) and 29.7 million disability adjusted life years (DALYS), or 2.0% of total DALYS. High cholesterol as a risk factor for stroke and heart disease is the major cause of disease burden in both the developed and developing world. A 10% reduction in serum cholesterol in 40 year old, men has been reported to result in a 50% reduction in heart disease within 5 years, the same serum cholesterol reduction for 70 year old, men can result in an average 20% reduction in heart disease to be occur in the next 5 years. In Ireland, the heart disease death rated a 30% reduction that has been attributed to 4.6% reduction of the population mean for total cholesterol. In Finland, the reduction of population blood cholesterol level has explained the 50% of the decline in IHD

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