Hypertrophic Scarring Essay

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A. Topic: Instructions on how to prevent hypertrophic scarring after surgery.
B. Audience: People who have recently had surgery and have skin that is prone to hypertrophic scarring.
C. Background:
• It is natural for scars to form after having a surgery and getting stitches, however sometimes abnormalities can occur in the healing process. This can result in the formation of keloid or hypertrophic scars. These two abnormalities that can occur during the healing process are frequently misused. Keloids are generally hereditary and are more common in people with darker skin, which makes it hard to prevent the formation of them. They also tend to spread to areas further than the incision site. Contrastingly, hypertrophic scars do not spread to
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Needed Materials and Situation(s):
• Antibacterial soap
• Clean microfiber towel
• Biotin oil
• Silicon strips
• Vitamins (specifically vitamin E)
G. Cautions:
• There will not be a change overnight, this procedure will need to be performed at least twice a day for several weeks until the scar has significantly began to fade.
• Biotin oil and silicon strips are treatments that generally help the average person prevent the formation of hypertrophic scarring. Different forms of treatment such as laser therapy, may be necessary to prevent hypertrophic scarring for more serious cases.
• Some people may have allergic reaction to silicon strips.
• Although they are similar in appearance, scars that become hypertrophic are not to be confused with skin that keloids.
H. Assumptions:
• This procedure is intended for those with scars that range from one to four inches in length.
• The patient has waited one to two weeks after surgery to begin scar therapy.
• The patient no longer has stitches present at the incision site.
• The person has a relatively healthy diet.
I. Steps:
• Shopping
• Preparation
i. Start by washing hands with an antibacterial soap ii. Carefully and gently remove dressings/bandages/silicon strips from incision
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