Hypervenom Vs Primeknit

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Nike Hypervenom II vs Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknit
Soccer cleats, soccer shoes, soccer boots, it really does not matter what you call them, what does matter is the way they impact the game of soccer. The various styles, models, and technologies that soccer cleats have can be a bit confusing. This paper will compare the features of the Nike Hypervenom II and the Adidas Ace 16.1 Primeknits. Both of these shoes are well known in the soccer community and they also are popular among professional soccer players. These two cleats are similar but still have some distinct differences. In order to point out the difference I will be comparing the unique features of each shoe.
The first and Arguably the most important part of a soccer cleat is the upper.
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For starters the upper is made of a material called Primeknit. “Primeknit is a fabric that that molds perfectly to your foot the instant you slip it on” (Ace 16.1 Primeknits). So unlike the Hypervenom II no wear in time is needed. Also, the Nikeskin on the Hypervenom II and the knitted upper on the Ace 16.1 differ because Primeknit is made of only one piece fabric. Adidas guarantees that the material on these cleats will help players to achieve perfect ball control due to specially engineered knit zones on the face of the shoe. Also the upper hugs your foot and gives you the perfect touch for any situation. A silicon coating on the upper keeps the cleat waterproof and dry, while Non Stop Grip (NSG) gives you an added element of control in any weather conditions and prevents dirt and water intake for durability (Next-Gen Adidas Ace 16.1). NSG is similar to ACC but ACC fails to stop prevent dirt from entering the cleat.
The insoles, outsoles and midsoles of the shoes are almost identical. The have similar features and overall layout. The only other real difference between the shoes would be slight variation of stud pattern on the bottom of the cleat. Adidas stud alignment is know as a Sprintframe and allows for grip on any multiple surfaces including turf artificial grass and firm ground. Nikes stud alignment is not as versatile and only can be used on firm ground fields. A few other

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