Hypnos: The Greek God Of The Underworld

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This Greek god is not known a lot but he is one of many who lives in the underworld he is hyonos the god of sleep his dwelling place is in a cave witch the entrance is filled with poppies and other hypnotic plants witch is weird because his place has no door or gate so he won’t be awakened by the creaking of the hinges he also had a river going through his place witch was called the river of forgetfulness hypnos lived next to his twin brother witch was called thanatos his mother was nyx she was of night and his father was called erebus he was of darknes his mother witch was nyx was a very powerful and dreadful goddess that zeus feared entering her realm and his wife pasithea was one of the youngest of graces and he was promised to him by hera …show more content…

The first time Hera devised a plan to avenge the ransacking of Troy by Heracles Zeus son so Hypnos put Zeus to sleep and Hera unleashed angry winds on the oceans while Heracles was sailing home from Troy When Zeus awoke he was infuriated and tried to find Hypnos who managed to hide with his mother Nyx although hypnos was told to do it again he was promised his wife The second time Hypnos was told to trick Zeus again afraid of his wrath Hera however told him that she would give him Pasithea one of the youngest Charites for his wife and this is where he had got her After Hypnos made Hera swear an oath by the river Styx that she would fulfill her part of the bargain he agreed to help her Hera dressed beautifully and having a charm that Aphrodite had given to her went to Zeus and lied to him saying that her parents were quarreling and that she wanted his approval to go and stop them Zeus agreed but he was so enchanted by her beauty Hypnos made Zeus fall asleep He immediately went to Poseidon to inform him that he could now help the Greeks in the Trojan War That 's how the myth has it that the Greeks won the war Zeus never realized that he had been tricked once

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