Reaction Paper On Hypnosis

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Practically, hypnosis is a psychological therapeutic technique, clinicians give suggestion which will make the individuals feel relax and focus their mind through the designed procedure. Even though hypnosis has been controversial, it is agreed by most clinicians that it is an effective, powerful therapeutic technique for a wide range of conditions including depression, anxiety, pain, stress, and many other psychological and medical problems. In my view of hypnosis, I think hypnosis is something like the thought of ‘QI GONG’ or the thought when someone is relaxing during the meditation. The thought of ‘QI GONG’ is like the law of attraction. For example, you always have a positive thinking, all the things around you will also become positive and go smoothly. When a person want to be hypnotized, he must be relax and clear the mind according to the suggestion of hypnotist, this is similar to the situation during…show more content…
Those myths are usually come from the movie or drama. First myth is a person would not remember anything when he wake up from the hypnosis According to Kendra Cherry, a psychology expert, people will generally remember what happened while they were hypnotized. Second myth is a person’s action has completely controlled by the hypnotist while he is under hypnosis. According to Kendra Cherry, a hypnotist cannot hypnotize a person to do some action which is against his values or morals. Third myth is individual can be hypnotized against his will. A person cannot be hypnotized against their will but requires voluntary participation, according to Kendra Cherry. The forth hypnosis is common in most drama which is hypnosis can help people remember the exact details of a crime they witnessed. According to Kendra Cherry, research has found that hypnosis will not lead to enhance significant memory and accurate memory. A 2001 study from Ohio State University suggested that hypnosis doesn't aid memory recall any more than other
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