Book Of Esther Analysis

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The book of esther shows what exactly can happen when you’re in power and need something done and what with just enough power you can get away with and not look like a bad guy. The book revolves around three main subjects: the Ironic parts, the courageous parts and then the Hypocrisy parts. Knowing this a lot comes to mind and asks what exactly can happen with that much power and what you can get away with.

Courage takes a big role in the book because of the risk Esther takes in order for her to save her people but it's in the way that she does it is that shows her true courage. When esther went to the king after a month of not being called on she and everyone in the palace knew that if she goes up to the king without being requested she would
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When mordecai does not bow to haman he gets furious and ends up finding out why later and decides to kill mordecai for being a jew but also eliminating the jews completely which was perfectly okay by xerxes. Haman gets furious when mordecai does not bow down to him and kills not only him but tries to eliminate the jews in a single day. But esther being a jew knew that her family would be killed so she went up to xerxes and told him exactly what haman was doing and he got mad already knowing and already giving haman permission to do what he was doing and only stops him because it would be affecting his very own wife. The final example is when mordecai tells esther to go up to xerxes and tell her what haman's plan was but she did not want to go up because she was a jew herself and was afraid that if he found out she was going to get killed. Esther refused to go to xerxes when mordecai told her what haman was going to do with the…show more content…
The book explains what can be done and how things can be done if you just take the time to make and effort for something you really wanna see strive and accomplished. With as much power as esther would you also have done something for the better or for the worse knowing that you wouldn't get in trouble for anything you do. Power changes everything so that would only make you think what would you have done
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