Hypocrisy In Mark Twain

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Samuel Langhorne Clemens, widely known as Mark Twain, is a writer, a journalist, an entrepreneur, a boat pilot, and a father. Samuel Clemens was born in Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835, and died at the age of 74 on April 21, 1910; Halley’s comet passed by Earth the day he was born and died. He married the daughter of a rich coal merchant in New York, Olivia Landon, and soon raised four kids and lived their life in Buffalo, Missouri. In this paper, I will relate Mark Twain’s biography and works to his approach about the hypocrisy in religion. Mark Twain grew up in Hannibal, Missouri, beside the Mississippi River, where he gets the background and experience he used to create some his most famous masterpiece. He delicately expressed and interpret how everything works in his time. He showed how people talk, how people approach and interact with different people, and how they live with religion. Twain condemns Christianity and people’s hypocrisy by making fun of them in his works. In one of his books called “A Letter from the Earth”, Twain stated:
“Man is the Reasoning Animal. Such is the claim. I think it is open to dispute. Indeed, my experiments have proven to me that he is the Unreasoning Animal... In truth, man is incurably foolish. Simple things which other animals easily learn, he is incapable of learning. Among my experiments was this. In an hour I taught a cat and a dog to be friends. I put them in a cage. In another hour I taught them to be friends with a
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