Hypocrisy In Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey '

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Odysseus was, in my eyes, not justified in punishing everyone he did. Some people such as the maids where punished just for sleeping with the wooers. They didn’t deserve to be punished as harshly as they did. However, the wooers themselves got what they deserved. Odysseus won the competition set up by Penelope. After he won he slaughtered every wooer. Odysseus orders the unfaithful maids to take the bodies of the wooers outside and to clean up the mess he made. Odysseus then orders his son, Telemachus, to chop the unfaithful maids to pieces. Telemachus, taking things into his own hands, thinks this is too noble a death for these women. He instead hangs them. Melanthios was punished justly in my opinion because he sided with the
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