Hypocrisy In The Handmaid's Tale By Margaret Atwood

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To sum it up, Margaret Atwood wrote this book to hint many things in life and one of them is hypocrisy. Sometimes people with authority and power get away with almost anything, which isn’t justifying. Individuals with less power such as the guardian/angel who raped a handmaid got punished for doing the same thing that every commander practices in this new reality. It’s something that is considered a job to them. It is raping because rape come in many forms and there are many types.Capturing all the power from women such as their identity, job and family make them vulnerable. The high ranking people of Gilead then takes advantage of their weakness and force them to make babies by hanging example on the wall which is a threat. When two souls aren’t connected while having sex, it considered a type of rape because sex not being freely given but demanded.…show more content…
This novel teaches you about hypocrisy and not trust anyone because they might be two sided. It also teaches you how religious sanction could be used in a wrong way to approve someone’s action such as sharing the story of Noah and beginning of life with the handmaids before the ceremony to make the situation a little holy and professional. They in fact made up some of the things. Despite the Bible reading, they didn’t mention anything to clarify that whatever they are doing isn’t considered rape and didn’t specifically connect their situation and
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