Hypocrisy In Uganda

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Born in 1924 in Koboko Uganda, Idi Amin joined the British Colonial Army in 1946 to fight the war against the Mau Mau revolt in Kenya. After joining the army, he coutinuously rose in military ranks and became Uganda’s heavy weight boing champion. In 1962, Uganda won their independence from Britain, Idi Amin began supporting his country’s new prime minister, Milton Obote. Obote appointed Amin as chief of the army and air force. The relationship between Obote and Amin quickly began deteriorating and on 25 January 1971, Amin staged a military coup to overthrow President Milton Obote while he was out of the country. He seized power and began his callous rule of the country. The Amin regime in Uganda from 1971 to 1979 was largely characterized by…show more content…
He called himself ‘a man of god’, but when Anglican Archbishop Janani Luwum and two other senior Cabinet ministers had an outspoken opinion of which he disagreed with, they were murdered by Amin’s military forces. (Source 3). Amin displays a great amount of hypocrisy by calling himself a man of God and then murdering the arch bishop. It shows his heartlessness towards anyone who does not agree with him or with whom he does not agree. Many people questioned Amin on this as he had blatantly killed a sacred man. Amin then claimed “You have freedom of speech, but freedom AFTER speech – that I cannot guarantee.”(Source 10). Amin grew increasingly arrogant as people grew more and more frightened of him. People learnt of his brutality towards his people and his ruthlessness. He said “I consider myself the most powerful figure in the world, and that is why I do not let any superpower control me.” (Source 9). Amin then declared himself “Commander of the British Empire.” (Source 11). Throughout the Amin regime, increasing fear led to a major increase in arrogance in Amin. His extreme arrogance led him to refuse to accept anyone else’s thoughts, ways or opinions which led him to an extremely brutal, harsh and ruthless rule over his people, his country and other political leaders of the

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