Hypocrisy: Speech: What Makes Me Angry?

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Speech: What makes me angry!Hello everyone, I’m here to talk to you about things that really make meangry. I don’t mean petty issues like stores not having my favouritechocolate, I’m talking about real problems in society, well in my opinionanyway.Before I get started, one thing everyone should know is that hypocrisy isugly. Extremely ugly. Uglier than the ugly step sisters from ‘Cinderella’,and it gets me very angry because you would expect people to beauthentic even in a fallen world, but I guess even expectations areoverrated.The thing about hypocrites is that they try to rationalise, tellingpeople not to do the exact same thing they are doing themselves or theytell others to do something, but don’t ever do it themselves. There isnothing…show more content…
Are you really going to listen to hypocrites? Take my advice anddon’t!Another thing that gets my blood pumping is when a TV show that Ienjoy watching gets cancelled by the network. I mean, I don’t mind if it isconcluded with a series finale, but all hell breaks loose when a TVprogramme is senselessly cancelled during the middle of the season. Imean are you actually kidding me?I think the real problem is I get invested in…show more content…
Let’s cause panicand mayhem amongst the town people.”When I’m bored out of my mind, I want to be able to watch myfavourite show. Not some bad quality television programme with horribleplots, bad actors and even worse acting. These type of showsfiguratively make you hate everything that life has to offer.In my point of view, viewers should have a voice in this matter. Ithink the only solution to this problem would be that the network can’tcancel shows on their own. It should be agreed by the people that watchthe show (if there’s a large amount) if it should be cancelled or not. Iknow what you’re thinking :”That‘s a terrible but brilliant idea, yet simplyimpossible to execute!”, not if you threaten to start a peaceful but largeprotest against the network and if all else fails, boycott them and theirshows.Yet another thing that gets me raging are people who feel the need to beserved 24/7, 365 days a year. I’m not talking about being served atrestaurants or at a hotel where service is something you pay for in theprice because in those circumstances, let’s be honest it’s okay to belazy. I’m talking about life in general.In life, most people are capable of helping themselves in almostevery situation, not including people ‘physically’ or ‘mentally’ incapable ofhelping themselves that’s completely different. I noticed people capableof tasks don’t do what they have the ability to do.I and my mother usually go through the same

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