Hypocrisy: The Divine Command Theory

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The Divine Command Theory states that whatever God commands is good. And Natural Law states that whatever it is that is good, that is what God commands. (Dr. Reichard, 2016?)

The difference between the two is this. Natural Law works out of reason, purpose, and sentience. Natural Law deals a lot with what nature governs, as it pertains to things of the earth, and the physical realm. I.E Human beings, animals, plants, etc. But the thing with nature is everything has to obey it. Things such as gravity, motion, acceleration, deceleration, growth. All of these things work out of natural law. And that is all deemed right, because it deals in the laws of nature, and is right within the laws of reason. because if everything is reasonable, and understandable then it is right. And if it is right, therefore it is good.

Divine Command works out of what God tells us to do. In other words, God 's word is law. A lot of Christians go by this. If God commands it,
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Now, my issue with the theory of Natural Law is this. Everything has to work, or be done within the boundaries of reason. If it is not, then it 's hypocrisy and should be cast down into the abyss. Because in Natural Law there has to be order in it or everything goes astray. Which is why you see a lot of naturalists/naturists despise bulldozers and heavy machinery, because they are altering the ground, and the earth to help lay the foundation for cities, suburbs, and homes. And to do so, they have to tear down trees, and move rock, and destroy animals homes. So for them, they hate things like that, and is why they abide by natural law. Now the reason why I have that issue is not because of the naturalist, or the naturist. It 's due to the fact that things have to be done within reason. If they can 't explain it, then it 's not real. And that is why people choose to not believe in God, because to them they cannot explain him, and the laws of nature hold no grasp on him, so he does not stand within reason, so they
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