Hypocrisy, The Vice Pays To Virtue

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“Hypocrisy is the Homage, the Vice Pays to Virtue”

Hypocrisy is normally a practice of claiming to have higher moral standard.
Hypocrite is an individual who claims to socially have a higher moral standard.
The homage is the honor shown publicly to someone to uplift his standard.
Vice is the immoral behavior of criminal activities of the hypocrite people.
Virtual is almost or nearly the things described but not yet done completely.
Virtually means almost completing by means of a virtual reality technique.
Virtues are all kinds of good things to appreciate and vice is opposite to it.
Morality and vice are two different things that they don’t go hand in hand.
The homage, or the honor or respect is not supposed to be wrongly shown.
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Coquetry is nowadays identified as personal as well as a serious social problem.
Great miracle of love means, you want to have sex, but you can’t do without love.
Love is a great miracle in life and living in which you get best friend and family.
Love is a remarkable and welcome event believed to be the work of God or saint.
Love is an outstanding example in our life, which is not always related to family.
You want to do coquetry by having a best girl as your lover and like to have closest.
Without having love with somebody, you have a great problem to have coquetry.
Once you are in love with somebody pretty or young or both, you are almost done.
Your problem of coquetry is automatically resolved as you aren’t disturbing others.
Many more miracles are expected or may be found out of the single activity of love.
Once you get some girls as your lover you do not need to chase the other girls further.
If you chase the other girl illogically the policeman will keep chasing you.
This is another miracle of love that the police man will not chase for nothing at all.
There are many miracles of having in love with some pretty or young or the
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“True Bravery is to Do Without Witness What One
Might be Capable of Doing Before All The World”

Bravado is a confidence that is intended to impress somebody needed.
Brave is a readiness to face and endure any danger or difficulty in life.
Bravura is a great skill and brilliance usually shown in a performance.
Displaying a great daring is also bravery with all kinds of confidence.
Brevity means to get ready to face unpleasant condition with courage.
Witness is a person who swears in the court or the police not to tell a lie.
Keeping witness about doing things is a matter of discretion of bravery.
It is the bravery which may or may not keep any witness unnecessarily.
The bravery can eliminate the witness by a threat if the witness is scared.
If needed, the bravery can kill the witness to eliminate him permanently.
The brave can also take an effective step, as if, they have not any witness.
The brave are dangerous to wipe out all kinds of witness before the world.
The brave get equipped to commit an undesired event without any witness.
The brave are daring enough to do thing without having witness before
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