Hypocrite In Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

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“A hypocrite despises those whom he deceives, but has no respect for himself. He would make himself look bad to if he can” by William Hazlitt. One of the main ideas from the Canterbury tales by Geoffrey Chaucer hypocrites. There Are Said so that way because they do not practice what they preach or they lie to people and tell them the contrary of what the bible (in the Christian religion says to do). Some synonyms for the word hypocrite are pretender, deceiver, liar, fraud and phony. That is an idea on what a hypocrite is, in the story most of them are religious leaders, people from the church. Chaucer starts of with the knight, which is an example on how someone should act as person, he is pretty much the example that everyone needs to follow because he is truthful, generous,courteous to everyone and honorable. That was an example on how someone should have…show more content…
The Friar said he had a very special licence from the pope to go preach and forgive people of their sins For example,here is how the narrator talks about him “ for many a fellow is so hard of heart, he cannot weep for all his inward smart.Therefore instead of weeping and of prayer, One should give silver for a poor Friar cares: he kept his tippet, stuffed with pins and curds.” (Chaucer pg.126 line 231). The narrator is describing how he acts he described him as a person; it is that he has no heart and does not show compassion to one another or at least to another person. So it shows his character and attitude. He also asked for money and riches to people to make sure that their sins were truly forgiven. For example. If they committed a sin and they pay him that sin was erased but if they committed a really really bad sin they really need to pay more to just make
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