Hypoparathyroidism Research Paper

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The PTH helps control the calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood stream. So, without the secretions of the PTH, the human body will slowly start to shut down. Consequently, the parathyroid hormone is not ‘awake’ like the rest of the body is. Hypoparathyroidism can be triggered by “something that develops in childhood” or the adult life (Hypoparathyroidism). It can even be congenital, meaning, someone can be born with this disorder, or it can be inherited (Hypoparathyroidism). A baby, if born prematurely, can have hypoparathyroidism, which is called transient (Hypoparathyroidism). But, in some rare cases, a baby who is healthy and born on time can develop hypoparathyroidism because the PTH, while in the womb, was not secreting throughout

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