Hypothesis Of The Origin Of Advertising In India

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"The greatest thing to be achieved in advertising, in my opinion, is believability, and nothing is more believable than the product itself."
“Leo Burnett”
This chapter deals in The Introduction of Advertising, Definition of advertising, what advertising is, Importance of advertising, Statement of the Problem, Origin of advertising, History of Advertising in India and Hypothesis of the Study are given? In a descriptive form.

Advertising is a measure of the growth of civilization and an indication of the striving of the human race for betterment and perfection. Several eminent economists have succinctly summed up the drive for survival and satisfaction and the limits of human endeavor, in their views physiological needs, need for safety, love and self-actualization are some of the basic needs of human beings. There are two further goals to achieve, namely, 'knowledge ' and 'beauty '. The aspiration for knowledge arises from the need to know more and to develop greater understanding of the unknown things. The longing for beauty represents the ultimate in aesthetic satisfaction. Advertising has both forward and backward linkages in the process of satisfaction across the entire spectrum of needs. The explicit function of advertising is to make the potential audience aware of the existence of the product, service or idea, which would help them, fulfill their self-needs and spell out the

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