Hypothesis On Abortion

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Background There are ongoing debates about abortion and they are very interesting because people come up with different worldviews. For Instance the Christian worldview abortion is forbidden, because it is against the commandments of God. In the postmodern worldview laws which are against or not supporting abortion are not acceptable. People who are against abortion are protecting lives of the unborn babies and the Christian worldview. Those who are for the idea of abortion are protecting women rights to choose and the postmodern worldview. Years back people knew that if a male makes a female pregnant they’ll have to marry get married irrespective of their age, but now people go for abortion. They see it as a solution to not face consequences of their own actions. Which is wrong. Problem statement What are the causes of abortion and how can we solve this issue of abortion? Hypothesis Arguments My worldview falls under the Christian worldviews, because I am against this issue of abortion. I see abortion as a big problem in the society especially in our youth. According to me abortion it’s a sin, because when a woman terminate her pregnancy she is murdering the unborn baby which is the creation of God. Abortion is murder and killing a human being which is the image of God, it’s against the commandments of God which is wrong. Abortion should not be legalized according to me it should be prohibited all around the world. I believe that a baby it’s a gift from God. What I as

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