How Tornadoes Affect People

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Hypothesis – I am doing this research to find out if the effects of tornadoes can be positive or negative, and how different areas of people are effected more severely. I also want to see if the effects of tornadoes are increasing or decreasing. Aim – My aim of my research is to find out how tornadoes affect humans. I aim to find out how humans are impacted, being physically, mentally or economically.

Area of research – The area of my research is areas around the world that tornadoes are known for. These are areas where people have been severely affected by tornadoes.

Literary review:

Source 1-
Title – How do tornadoes affect people?
Author – Trent Vavra
Date – 2 August 2015

Trent grew up in Wichita Falls, Texas, which lies within ‘tornado alley’. Tornado alley is a term used for a specific area in the United States where tornadoes often occur. After a tornado, nothing but rubble of a house is left,
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74% of them are weak but they still have a significant effect on humans and nature. However the other 26% can be far more detrimental. Tornadoes are different to other natural disasters because they are confined to a small area. Although hurricanes may have a higher total density, the density of the energy in a tornado can be higher. Tornadoes typically kill 60-80 people per annum and injure more than 1500 people. Most of the deaths come from flying debris. The most violent tornadoes (EF4 and EF5 on The Enhanced Fujita Scale) only make up 2% of all tornadoes but they account for 70% of all the deaths. A significant part of tornadoes is property damage. Mild tornadoes can take roofs off of houses but strong tornadoes can completely level buildings. This can impact the economic situation of a country and its people severely, this is shown in Oklahoma in 1999 where they suffered about $1.1 billion in property
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