Hypovolemic Shock Case Study

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1. Michael has the diagnosis of Hypovolemic Shock due to the 4 symptoms including:
a. Hypotension that results from the systolic pressure less than 90 mm/Hg
b. An increase of heart rate and weak pulse,
c. Pale, cool, and clammy skin due to vasoconstriction in the sympathetic nervous system
d. Cessation of urination because there is a decrease of blood flow to kidneys that makes urine.
The underlying cause of hypovolemic shock would be the hemorrhaging or fluid losses in the body due to the placement of the gunshot wound.
2. Maureen has an edema in the lower legs due to her standing for long periods of time in the assembly line. A way to fix her edema is to take a diuretic medication that allows water to move out of the body though urine.

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