Uncontrollable Factor Case Study

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factors cannot be controlled at any circumstances or events. Some of the uncontrollable factors are: • Climatic conditions • Government policy • Community attitude • Community infrastructure Controllable factors: These factors are totally opposite to the uncontrollable factors. Controllable factors are those factors which have a control and can be maintained by any company. Companies have grip over the controllable factors, at the end of the day it depends upon the company that how good they can control these factors. Some of the controllable factors are: • Supply of raw materials • Transportation facilities • Proximity to markets • Infrastructure availability Company Profile It is started in 1967. It’s headquarters in south Korea.…show more content…
The Ulsan plant is the single largest automobile plant. the Ulsan plant is the main production plant of Hyundai company. The Ulsan plant has its own port where three 42,000 tons’ ships anchor at the same time. Ulsan plant has its self-contained facility that operates its owns fire stations, hospitals, and security vehicles. Every plant has the facility of cutting edge-cost to protect environment, such as waste water, sewage. India Hyundai motor India(HMI) is wholly owned subsidiary of Hyundai motors. The plant setup in India is 1996. And second in…show more content…
This year, the company has sold 137,661 units during the period January to April and has exported 56,187 units for the same period. Both plants have a combined annual capacity of 600,000 units.In the year 2007 Hyundai opened its R&D facilty in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh , employing now nearly 450 engineers from different parts of the country. Analysis of Factors: Uncontrollable Factors I. Governmental Factors • The auto policy allows automatic approval for foreign equity investment upto 100%. • It does not lay down any minimum investment criteria. • 100% FDI is allowed in auto sector. II. Climatic Conditions • Chennai features a tropical wet and dry climate. • It lies on the coastal area which prevents extreme variation in seasonal temperature. • Most of the year, the weather is hot & humid. III. Community Plant location is not temporary. The decision which is taken will stick with the company for long run. So it is important that how the company is going to fit in the community. Maintaining a good relationship with the locals helps and ensures the license and for the free flow of the processes of the company. Internal factors • Technology • Capacity • Financial position External factors • Economic

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