Hyundai Cause And Uncontrollable Factors

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factors cannot be controlled at any circumstances or events. Some of the uncontrollable factors are: • Climatic conditions • Government policy • Community attitude • Community infrastructure Controllable factors: These factors are totally opposite to the uncontrollable factors. Controllable factors are those factors which have a control and can be maintained by any company. Companies have grip over the controllable factors, at the end of the day it depends upon the company that how good they can control these factors. Some of the controllable factors are: • Supply of raw materials • Transportation facilities • Proximity to markets • Infrastructure availability Company Profile It is started in 1967. It’s headquarters in south Korea. It is 5th largest auto-marker since 2007 world-wide. It exports 1 million high quality range of sedans, suv, buses and trucks. The company sold 659,555 cars sold in south Korea, and 2.9 million cars sold outside korea (or) worldwide over 186 countries and 5,300 dealers in 2010. Hyundai company current has 7 overseas plants u.s, india, china, Russia, turkey, the Czech Republic and brazil Korea In Korea, the company has 3 plants (Ulsan, Asan, Jeonju), the combined production capacity of all 3 plants are 1.86 million cars. The Ulsan plant is the single largest automobile plant. the Ulsan plant is the main production plant of Hyundai company. The Ulsan plant has its own port where three 42,000 tons’ ships anchor at the same time. Ulsan plant

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