Hyundai Credit Card Case Study

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East West Bank Hyundai MasterCard East West Bank offers numerous credit cards for each one’s unique requirements. Be it perks and freebies on shopping, dining, unwinding, luxury travel or rebates on fuel, East West Bank’s credit cards cater to all your requirements. EastWest Bank Hyundai MasterCard Highlights The EastWest Bank Hyundai MasterCard holder receive a 3% rebate on all purchases made at gas stations all over Philippines and a rebate of 0.5% on all other retail purchases. With this card, customers also receive special privileges such as 10% discount on Preventive Maintenance Services at all authorized Hyundai dealership centres. The Hyundai MasterCard also comes with membership to the One Hyundai Club with which you can avail special…show more content…
This includes exclusive privileges on shopping, dining, travel, fitness etc. Global Acceptance - The EastWest Bank Hyundai MasterCard is accepted in over 30 million establishments where MasterCard is recognized and accepted. Smart Chip and 3D Secure Technology - This card also comes with better security because of an in-built smart-chip embedded in the card. The 3D Secure technology will protect you from all possible frauds that take place during online purchases. Here, your purchase will be validated only with a one time pin that will be sent to you as an email or SMS while you are paying for the purchase. Payments and Billings in Peso - All purchases and transactions, local or international, shall be billed and paid for in Peso. Easy Repayment Terms - With this credit card, you also have the facility to repay the total outstanding statement balance, the minimum payment that is due or any amount that suits your finances on the due date of your payment. In the case that you opt to pay an amount that is lesser than your total statement balance, you will be charged an interest on your next outstanding…show more content…
This is computed based on average daily balance. Late Payment Charges Php500 or 7.5% of the minimum payment due, whichever is higher. Over Credit Limit Fee Php 500 whenever an outstanding balance exceeds the credit limit for that particular billing period. Card Replacement Fee Php400 for every time a card is replaced. Returned Check Fee Php1000 for every time a check is returned. Statement of Account & Lost Card Protection The monthly Statement of Account on your EastWest Bank Hyundai MasterCard will be sent to your billing address as well as registered email id. Through the e-SOA facility, the statement of account will be sent to your email as a password protected PDF. This gives you the ease of viewing it anytime without the worry of cluttering paper. You will also receive an SMS on the registered phone number to let you know that your e-SOA has been sent. In case of loss of card, you can report the loss to the 24x7 customer service center by dialing 1-800-1888-8600 Domestic Toll-Free or 888-1700. From the time you report the loss of your card, you will be free of any financial liability from any theft or fraudulent charges made on your EastWest Hyundai

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