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Sales and service network
As of March 2011, HMIL has 451 dealerships and more than 647 Hyundai Authorised Service Centers in 340 cities across India. HMIL also operates its own dealerships known as Hyundai Motor Plazas in large metros across India. HMIL has the second largest sales and service network in India after Maruti Suzuki.
Exports Milestones of HMIL
Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), India’s largest auto exporter and the second largest car manufacturer, has been adjudged as the Top Exporter of the Year for 2011-12 in the category of ‘Large Enterprises’ (Southern Region) and has been awarded the Gold Trophy by the Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) India. The award symbolizes and showcases Hyundai’s global success story.
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HMIL was awarded the Gold Trophy-in the Large Enterprise category
 Fastest Exports of 10 lakh cars
2011  Eon’ launch & first shipment
 HMIL wins Auto India Best Brand Awards’12-‘Best Customer Service & Best Resale Value’.
 Fastest Export of 15 Lakh cars.
Source: Compiled from Hyundai Motor India Limited Annual Reports

Impact of FDI on domestic sale and exports
A. Domestic Sale
Automobile Domestic Sales Trends - Passenger Vehicles (Number of Vehicles)
Year Automobile Domestic Sales In India As Per SIAM AGR Hyundai Automobile Domestic Sales AGR
2007-08 1,549,882 - 245397 -
2008-09 15,52,703 0% 289863 18%
2009-10 19,51,333 26% 356717 23%
2010-11 25,01,542 28% 373709 5%
2011-12 26,18,072 5% 391276 5%
2012-13 26,86,429 3% 383611 -2%
2013-14 17,86,899 -33% 380253 -1%
Source: SIAM, HMIL Annual Reports and computed value

The growth rate of domestic sales was maximum of 28 percent in 2010-11 amounting to 25,01,542 vehicles. In 2013 – 14 AGR is negative. The domestic sales volume of the Company has witnessed a remarkable growth of 23% during the year 2009-10 but the Annual Growth Rate declined to a negative level in 2012 – 13 and 2013 – 14.. The Company has sold 3,56,717 vehicles as against 2,89,863 vehicles in the corresponding previous year and Southern Region has contributed significantly to the overall sales volume in the domestic
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Dependent Variable: TOTSALE
FDI in automobile industry is showing a rising trend and has almost doubled every year since 2006- 2007. The production data of automobiles for April-March 2012 shows production growth of 5 percent over same period the previous year. The production of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. shows a growth of 6% in 2011 – 12. It is observed that domestic sale is showing a rising trend where as Exports of Hyundai Motor India Ltd. is declining steadily. Results suggest that Domestic sale and Export Sale are both the predictor variables of total sale of FDI Companies.
There is a widely shared view that FDI promotes domestic sale and exports of host countries by (a) augmenting domestic capital, (b) helping transfer of technology and new products for exports, (c) facilitating access to new and large foreign markets, and (d) strengthening the host country’s existing stock of knowledge through labour training for the local workforce, introducing of alternative management practices and organisational arrangements (De Mello and Sinclair, 1995) and upgrading technical and management skills.
This paper establishes that FDI contributes to both the domestic sale of the host country as well as the export

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