Explain How To Achieve Performance Management Process

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2.1PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Purpose Each individual who is responsible for the performance management of an employee or employees shall be held accountable for carrying out these responsibilities in accordance with this policy. At Etihad we refer to the performance management process as I Achieve. The purpose of the I Achieve performance management process is to: A) Align individual performance with organizational business plans by agreeing i) clear objectives and ii) standards of behavior in line with company values. B) Promote a culture where open dialogue is the norm by providing face to face feedback to recognize achievements and promptly focus on any areas for improvement. C) Use the on-line system to formally capture and record…show more content…
2.1.2 I Achieve Principles The following points outline the most important principles of the I Achieve performance management process: A) Regular and open dialogue between appraiser (line manager/team leader) and appraise (employee) is critical to the approach. B) Both the appraiser and appraise have shared responsibility for the review process. It is important that both contribute fully by providing specific examples of performance relating to the work objectives and Company values. C) There should be no surprises in the formal reviews. Issues of underperformance must be dealt with as soon as they arise rather than being left for a formal review. Similarly examples of good performance should be recognized promptly. Formal reviews do not replace regular on-going feedback and coaching. D) The five Etihad core values are an integral part of the performance management of all employees irrespective of their role. The values describe the behaviors required of employees at work (the ‘how’) whilst the objectives describe the outputs to be achieved (the ‘what’). Therefore the values must be taken into account when assessing performance. 2.1.3 The Performance Management…show more content…
S/he will review the performance assessment and will provide a decision within 5 working days of the referral. The line manager plus one’s rating is final. Appraisers should role model and encourage performance management practices consistent with the principles within this policy and the company’s values. 2.2 Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Addressing unsatisfactory performance Please refer to the PIP policy for further details The purpose of the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) is to outline the tasks and behaviors required of an employee that would enable them to meet the required standards for the job role. Where an employee is given an overall rating that is below ‘meets’ at either midyear or end of year review, a PIP must be initiated by the line manager, and agreed by both parties. Initiating a PIP however, is not restricted to these times. A PIP can be initiated at any time of the year if an employees’ performance is considered to be unsatisfactory. PIPs should clearly outline the: i) Areas for improvement ii) activities/tasks the employee will undertake a) Expected results b) Monitoring frequency c) Review
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