I Admire My Mom Essay

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Actresses and movie stars make a lot of money and have fame, making them a huge admiration for teenagers. But they don't even know what they're like in person. In my opinion, admiration is the respect you have for someone you know. To the world, my mom may not have done anything extreme like find the cure for cancer, but to me she has accomplished many things. The woman I admire the most is my mother, Irene Buck, not only for doing all of the dirty work, but for being the woman she is today. My mom is the biggest hero in my life. She is a single mother who has taken care of me for fourteen years now. She works almost everyday and does so many house chores. Now why would I choose her? The number one reason is because she gave me life. I love and admire my mom for so many reasons. She always puts others first before herself. She never gives up, no matter how hard. And finally, because she made me the person I am today. My mom is Irene Buck. She was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. She grew up in a family of six children. She moved to America when she was >>>>. She and her family had to make a living here. She graduated from Nassau Community College. Life was pretty difficult for her, but that didn't make her a grumpy person. She thanks God each and every day for everything she has. My mom is a sister, a friend, and my hero. A lot of…show more content…
My mom has taught me to be a strong, confident girl. The only reason I play the piano and guitar is because she told me I had a musical ability. Now, I partake in NYSSMA and have gotten a medal each year for playing the piano. If it wasn't for my mom, I wouldn't have been encouraged to join sports at my middle school. Because of her, I graduated as the Scholar Athlete of my class. My mom is the reason why I got into Sacred Heart Academy. She knew I had what it takes to be successful. My mom is my biggest inspiration and I couldn't have asked for another
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