I Am Chapman Poem Analysis

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To say ‘I am Chapman’ is to say ‘I am unique’. To describe what I am, I say, ‘I am Hispanic’. I’m proud of my culture and the hard working attitude that my parents instilled in me. ‘I am a Marine’ and will work with what I have to get something done. ‘I am an artist’ and I try my best to improve my craft. ‘I am an entrepreneur’, and I started a small business with a few of my friends. ‘I am an explorer’, ‘I am a humanitarian and disaster relief assistant’, ‘I am a leader‘, ‘I am a scholar’. This list could keep going for a while. What it comes down to is this, ‘I am still discovering what I can accomplish’. I am not interested in writing about what I am. What does interest me is finding new ways to make the world a better place to live in

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