I Am Dying Poem Analysis

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Exploring the thoughts and emotions in the poem I Am Dying by Marie Negus. This is a very interesting poem and it really does cover many different aspects of the world. This includes starvation, pollution, war, and outright mistreating the earth. This poem is form the earths point of view as if the earth is speaking. At the beginning, it talks about how earth is mother of all. I am earth Mother of them all. I’m getting hotter and hotter each day. I just want to lay and rest, I am dying. This begging part of the poem gives us a good idea on what the poem is about and what is going to be talked about thought the poem. The part in which it talks about that it is getting hotter and hotter each day is talking about global warming. Global warming…show more content…
You can feel that she is trying to send a message that we should try and do something before it is too late and that she is begging for us to try and do something. She is also sending a message that there is not too much time left and that we have to act sooner than later. I thought this was a great poem and it is easy to see that the author Marie Negus has a passion for the earth and the environment. She included lots more detail and other subject matters than appear to the eye on the first read. If you think about each line and its real meaning, there are lots of other things going on though out the poem. My next poem that I am going to analyze is called spring. I thought that this would be an appropriate poem to write about since spring is upon us and has arrived. This is a very soothing poem and makes you exited for spring to be here. It also talks about the things that come along with spring. The first few lines start out talking about when spring arrives and winter is on its way out. When the cold, harsh winter has given its last breath, When the sky above shows life instead of death, When the claws reaching to the frozen sky become decorated with
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