I Am In Dementia Prison With My Mom Analysis

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The first essay I chose to read was called I Am in Dementia Prison with My Mom, Janet had no prior knowledge or understanding as to why her mother’s health, mind, and thought process was deteriorating. She couldn’t come to terms with her mom being mental sick and when she did she had help and support from her entire family. The second was titled Transferring Mom was New, But Restlessness and Inactivity Kindled her Agitation. Against her and he husband better judgment she took her mom to the store. I believe she did this because she did not want to tell her mom no, as a caregiver, especially to a loved one sometime following your intuition and saying no can be difficult being I may feel like you are taking away their rights as a person.
Being a Certified Nursing Assistant, the two essays I chose were ones I could relate to. The struggle that she encountered while trying to help her mom into the car was one that I’ve had to deal with on many occasions. Having patients is key to caring for your elderly or sick love ones. As a caregiver you are obligated to provide quality care, assisting and supervising in all activities of daily living. They are they to sympathize and empathize, and create a comfortable environment for the person receiving care. As a
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As a family responsibly should be equal. Sisters and brother could take turns taking their mom/dad to doctors’ appointments. The grandchildren could even help by reading, talking, or walking around with their grandparent. If I was in a similar situation caring for my loved one I would go at it alone. I feel as though I shouldn’t have to ask family to assist me with caring for a family member whom we all know and love. Help should be offered if they see or sense that I am struggling, and if not I will do my best with providing the best
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