I Am Legend Analysis

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Introduction My essay is based on the movie “I am legend”. The film is an adaptation from the novel written by Richard Matheson’s. Actor “Will Smith” plays a virologist “Robert Neville” whom is immune to the virus which was initially created to cure cancer. Humanity will come to learn that the virus has its side effects. Once the virus was airborne it had killed 90% of the population & turned the remaining 10 % of the surviving humans into zombies called “Dark Seekers”. Only a handful of survivors did not turn into Zombies as they are immune to the virus. In the Movie you will also see how Neville Fends off his loneliness by playing and talking with his dog “Sam”. Neville had spent years not talking to a live human. His daily behavior will reflect the effects…show more content…
Zombie movies are an outlet for people to experience apocalyptic anxieties without it confronting them. The living dead are fictional threat, despite its scary and realistic nature makes the audience feel safe. It does not create much anxiety as compared to receiving news about tsunamis or avian flu. When watching the movie “I am legend” one can witness the various kinds of graphic violence and destruction. At the end of the movie the audience will know that this particular threat of humans turning into zombies will simply cease to exist compared to war or nuclear threats. The audience will also realize that such rise of zombies is never evident allows a sense of control. The movie allows the spectators to view all kinds of scenarios that will take place when the world has become infected with the zombie virus. Being the only survivor in a zombie apocalypse we have to fight for our survival. In which you will see Neville and sam do during their daily activities hunting for food in the car, trying to shoot a deer for
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