I Am Legend: The Movie Based On The Movie I Am Legend

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Introduction My essay is based on the movie “I am legend”. The film is an adaptation from the novel written by Richard Matheson’s. Actor “Will Smith” plays a virologist “Robert Neville” whom is immune to the virus which was initially created to cure cancer. Humanity will come to learn that the virus has its side effects. Once the virus was airborne it had killed 90% of the population & turned the remaining 10 % of the surviving humans into zombies called “Dark Seekers”. Only a handful of survivors did not turn into Zombies as they are immune to the virus. In the Movie you will also see how Neville Fends off his loneliness by playing and talking with his dog “Sam”. Neville had spent years not talking to a live human. His daily behavior will reflect the effects of isolation when Neville strikes conversations with mannequins that he has placed for his daily trips to the video store. Through Neville’s Flashbacks we will get to see humanities last days and his guilt for being a part of creating the virus. He will not lose his faith in finding the cure by studying the effects of the virus through humans and animals in his lab at home. Neville will eventually discover the nest of sleeping dark seekers when his dog runs into a dark building. It was upon that discovery that he decided to capture one of the female dark seekers for medical experiment. After his Capture Neville will realize that the dark Seekers are starting to act illogical in their behavior because they set up the

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