I Am Malala And The Perso Rays Of Freedom Analysis

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That was a quote from Mahatma Gandhi, a leader in the Indian independence movement.Injustices have torn society apart all over the world, from racial inequalities like lynchings to inequalities in gender like women 's education. Luckily for society, a few people decided to do what Ghandi said and spoke out against these injustices. Throughout the past 100 years there have been an abundance of unjust situations, but in every situation there have been rays of hope to better humanity in its time of need. Inequalities have littered the world with intolerable acts for centuries,but fortunately for humanity, rays of hope have also flourished in society. For example, Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most influential rays of hope once said,
Martin Luther King Jr. Stood up as a ray of hope and spoke out against racial injustice to better humanity. This act of courage is important to humanity because if a few people do not speak out, then society wouldn’t be able to change for the better and move closer to the ideals America was made on. In Addition, the author of the book I am Malala and the
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Rays of hope were not only written about in both fiction and nonfiction books people such as Paul Saltzman also captured the heroic acts in documentaries such as Prom Night in Mississippi. When Morgan Freeman was talking to the students about his idea of a combined prom, he said, Morgan Freeman noticed they unjust situation in his home town and spoke out against it. He made the students noticed that they didn’t care whether they had separate proms or not and because of this they started taking action to fix it. Perhaps more importantly, The final example is by the unknown man also known as Billie Joe, Billie Joe is speaking out about the truth how a lot of people disagree with African Americans. Hopefully by making this movie and speaking out about the truth, it will raise awareness and help another place that is struggling with racial injustices move closer as a
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